Beloved CommUNITY


The Beloved CommUNITY 

The Beloved CommUNITY celebrates the spiritual diversity of many sacred paths, while maintaining a unique Christian foundation. Originally established as The Community of the Beloved Disciple in the first century, the church has continued to flourish under many names in many countries for twenty centuries. Today it seeks to awaken ancient teachings through an ever expanding and modern interpretation of it's original roots. Come join us to explore your own Divine Connection and how it can be magnified through a community of soul-friends dedicated to "Being the change we want to see in the world."

The Beloved CommUNITY was founded by James F. Twyman after being initiated in the mountains of Croatia by a group called "The Emissaries of Light." through them the ancient lineage of The Beloved Disciple was maintained and continues to this day. Their universal message of peace became the foundation for a modern spiritual community that is not bound by hierarchy or dogma, but universal love and compassion toward all beings.

The Community draws inspiration from the esoteric and hidden teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and through "The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking," a modern transmission of those lessons. It also draws from the wisdom found at the heart of many other religions and sacred texts, bridging the differences and amplifying the similarities. In this way The Beloved CommUNITY is a place of refuge for anyone seeking a Universal expression of truth while maintaining the perennial wisdom found within all spiritual paths.

~ James Twyman

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