Gifts of Healing

Each Healer has been given gifts in which to offer Healings to another.

Healers use senses to be able to offer their clients information and to manipulate the energy field around the body.


The Sense of Feeling or Touching

As each person touches something, we feel a sensation of some form.

Healers may feel a warmth or heat from the body. Some healers feel coolness when they touch the body. Others have a “pins and needles” sensation that they can feel with their hands. Many Healers feel nothing at all!

Some Healers will use a hands-on healing technique where they touch the body. Other healers will work within the energy field of the body, where they can feel the same sensations as if they were touching the body. Using this modality is ideal for those clients that are in extreme pain, or just don’t want to be touched by a stranger.


The Sense of Sight

Many Healers are gifted with the ability to see beyond the regular field of eye-sight. Some Healers can actually see “things” that may be moving within or around the body. These “things” may be what is causing some of the health issues that the client is experiencing. Using the Healers gift of sight may allow for healing to happen quickly.

Sometimes, Healers use, (what I call) a “vision screen“© where the Healer can see pictures or movies within their mind’s eye. Using the information that the Healer can see, often brings great healing to the client.


The Sense of Hearing

Many people have the gift of hearing a voice within. Healers that have a sense of hearing, acknowledge that they can hear this voice within and share this information with clients. Many times, the client has heard this inner voice themselves, but doubted that the message was a trustworthy source of knowledge.


The Sense of Smell

Some Healers can smell fragrances that emanate from clients. Using this tool, Healers with this gift can sometimes identify sickness within the body.


The Sense of Taste

Some Healers use the sense of taste much like some use the sense of smell. With the Healer tasting toxins in the body as they work on clients.


The Sense of Intuition

The Sense of Intuition, often known as the Sixth Sense, is for many Healers just a common everyday gift. Intuitive Healers often use the gifts of other senses along with the gift of intuitiveness to assist in the healing for their clients.


Using Healing Tools

Many Healers use healing tools with their clients. These tools amplify the gifts of the Healer, as well as, they often bring a Healing Energy Force to the session. The tools allow for an understanding that something is being done for clients that struggle with meta-physical science comprehension.

***Clients must realize that Healers can only assist when helping the client, who is the true Healer in all healing sessions that wants to be healed.

***Also note, that the Healer cannot change the cosmic destiny of a client otherwise know as God’s law.

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