*Please note that everyone must seek professional medical advice for personal health concerns. Alternative healing techniques are companion therapies that compliment your doctor’s advice.

The most important Healer in any healing session is YOU.

Infact, You are the Healer.

The Healer that is working on you, is a conduit for Healing Energy that is passed through them to you. This healing energy comes from the Universal Energy Field that each one of us is connected to.

A visual that I can share with you, is that this Universal Energy Field is like a spider’s web (or grid.) If you were to touch the web in one spot over on the far right side, the vibration or energy of that touch would be felt at all locations on the other sides of the web.

Therefore, when each individual being needs to access the Universal Energy Field for healing or just for life, the energy is always there to be used.

Healing can happen using many different types of modalities.

People respond in different ways to the different modalities therefore, it is imperative that you find a modality that is right for You. I would like to suggest that you try a modality atleast 3 times before moving onto another type of healing. Much like a new drug that you may try, you may not attain the change in your health with one pill.


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