Hey God, Are You Listening? – Using The Power of Prayer

Do you ever experience times when it seems like God has totally forsaken you?

Have you ever asked God for something but you ended up with what you felt was completely opposite from your request?

Do you ever wonder if God is really listening to you?

I know that sometimes in my life, I, like many others, have questioned if God is listening.

I find it very interesting how and when mankind communicates with God.

First – Prayer

Secondly – many people never talk to God until life sends them ot their loved ones life threating situations

Thirdly – others are like my Uncle Lou. I know that he went to church when he was married. Otherwise, when I was very little I realized that he was a very religious man. I would watch him working on his car and many times I heard him praying to ….. Jesus Christ!

Fourth – sometimes we talk to God in our thoughts when we really didn’t plan on God hearing those thoughts

No matter which form of communication we use to speak with God – let me assure you – God is Listening

Infact, God is communicating with you all the time.

The question is not to whom does God speak? But who listens to God?

In the first book of Conversations With God – Neale Donald Walsch, was advised to exchange the word “talk” with the word “communicate” as it is a much better, fuller, and more accurate word to describe our connection with God.

So how does God communicate with us? I have found 4 ways.

1 – some people can hear the voice of God – just like the great ancient ones – Moses, Noah, Abraham, Daniel

2 – have you ever had a thought in your head that just wouldn’t go away? God often communicates using thoughts in the form of pictures or images.

3 – God’s most common form of communication is through feelings.

Feelings are the language of the Soul.

If you want to know what is true for you about a situation, look to how you are feeling about the situation. Does the situation make you feel tightened in your stomach? Or are you filled with joy?

Sometimes feelings are difficult to find. Often feelings are even more difficult to acknowledge.

Hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truth.

4 – another form of communication that God uses – and personally, this is my un-favourite way – God uses life experiences to speak with us!

Are you listening?

Apparently, I don’t listen very well. For many times I have experienced the same life struggle over and over again.

We know that God is listening. And we know that God is communicating with us. What do we really want to say to God?

In the first book of Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch, quotes,

“You will not have that for which you ask, nor can you have
anything you want. This is because your very request is a statement of lack, and your saying you want a thing only works to
produce that precise experience – WANTING – in your reality.

The correct prayer is therefore never a prayer of supplication but a prayer of gratitude.

When you thank God in advance for that which you choose to experience in your reality, you in effect acknowledge that it is there already Thankfulness is thus the most powerful statement to God. An affirmation that even before you ask, I have answered. Therefore never supplicate, Appreciate.”

The secret to having God hear you is to live in gratitude.

Gratitude for what you have and gratitude for what you wish to receive.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Allow us to learn to be grateful for what we have already received.
Thank you for the patience you have shown to us as we learn to listen to your words and messages.
Guide us in the ways of two-way communication.
Hear us as we pray in gratitude for the experiences that we have walked.
Let us be thankful for the teachers that have taught us, and for the moments when we were the teachers for another.
We pray, knowing that our prayers will answered when we open our hearts in Gratitude.

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His Words

His Words

In The Beginning God gave his word and the peoples heard his word and made their choice to listen.

Today many do not hear the words of God as they have been taught and handed down through the ages.

Does this mean that God loves them less?

Absolutely not! For God loves All men. And many that have not belonged to the organized religions are rising up. For they seek the Lord.

I have sent out my messengers of love and hope. And they have stepped forward to lead this world into a new Being.

Listen Dear Ones, for these words are the Lord’s, “ I come onto thee. And I shall live in the temple of the Lord’s. And this temple will not have four walls., for I shall live in the hearts of my people.

Blessed Be Dear Ones

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Time to Stand

August 14, 2011


Clear your mind Dear Ones. Listen, for you are to hear. You are to share. You are to Be.

It is time for you to stand tall for it is now that you must tell these stories.

Let us begin.

In the days of yore, it was foretold that the Christ would return. He is walking with you now. You ask, “Where is He?” Have you looked within your heart?

Breathe in the breath of God. Quiet your Soul. Quiet your mind. Look to your heart. Fill your heart with Love. Allow this love to expand. Envision Christ before you, as you know him now. Feel the love he shares. Feel the warmth of being in his presence. Wrap that feeling around you. Feel love. Be love.

Christ has wrapped you in his love. He walks with you, within you. He is always with you.

Many wait for his return in a physical body. They do not comprehend that Christ is here now.

Yes. He will return and walk as a man but why wait for his return when he is here now? He is here now to love you. And to guide you if you would only let him.

Trust in the Lord for he shall conquer your fears.

Dear Ones, it is time to share your love of Christ. Feel his love. Be his love. Share his love.

Look around you for there are moments each day to Be that love.

Forget the rules of your culture. There is only one love, God’s love. For Christ is his love and you are filled with the love of Christ, of God.

Go forth and Be that love. See that love. Feel that love. Know God’s love. Be God’s love.

Fear not, for you are an instrument of God, ready to Be played for all mankind to hear. The music of your Soul, is the love of God. Share this glorious sound! Be this sound as God plays the tones of love to guide you.

See Christ. Be Christ.

Be love. God’s love.


Know that Christ is walking with you now.

Blessings Dear Ones,

God’s Blessings

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Dearly Beloveds,

It is time to take note of the changes that are coming forth upon the Earth. This is the Season of Life that many have been waiting for. The time is Now, for your desires to come to fruition. No matter how small, or how large you have dreamt them to be. Dear Ones, it is time. You may no longer holdback on which you were born to do. The shift is now happening and you must put your doubts aside for they are only illusions that will hold you back from living the life which you are meant to live.

Reach out and gather those around you that are of liked minds and dream. Create. Let things happen. Procrastinating is no longer an option for it is Now that you will step forth to Shine.

No longer will you ask questions of “What am I to do?” You know the answer.


Fill your hearts. Your mind with the thoughts of creating.Take up your pens and plan, for it is Now that you are ready.

Each one of you knows what I am talking about. Yet you continue to doubt.

No longer, Dear Ones. BE.

Some of you have thought of how you can extent God’s love in small ways. How Perfect! Others have been dreaming large, with their eyes wide open. Both are Perfect in God’s eyes. Do you not see? Every soul has its purpose here on Earth. Some will lead. Others will follow. Which one of these are you? it does not matter as long as you are One. Decide which you shall Be.

And Be.

Come upon the face of God and SEE this truth. FEEL this truth. KNOW this truth for you are the Beloved. Given gifts of wisdom to share with others. Do not falter for this is your time to Shine.

Shine brightly, Dear Ones!

Blessed Be,


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