Modalities of Healing

*Please note that everyone must seek professional medical advice for personal health concerns. Alternative healing techniques are companion therapies that compliment your doctor’s advice.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

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BioGenesis is the Birth of Creation.  We instill the remembrance of the Process of Creation into a glass, and that glass radiates, or re-educates, its environment with the memory of the Process of Creation.  Restoring the memory of this Process within an individual or object creates a living system—it becomes living matter.  While this ancient technology has not been on Earth since the days of Atlantis, Ascended Masters recently re-introduced this effective energy to the World.

With BioGenesis, you can:

            Establish balance and harmony in your home

            Restore your health and vitality

            Manifest your life goals

BioGenesis creates harmony.  Harmony is structured quite simply, quite effectively, by strengthening the inherent qualities of a region.  And, this is accomplished by enlivening the sequence of Initial Rotations.  This is BioGenesis.

The energy placed in the glass items is Genesis™ Energy, an energy which, although many millions of years old, has not been on Earth since the days of Atlantis.  Ascended Masters have recently re-introduced this Energy to Earth.

            BioGenesis is ever renewing

            BioGenesis is ever refreshing

            BioGenesis is ever restoring

No cleansing is necessary with these tools

By using the Light of Creation, BioGenesis tools restore harmony to all levels of your life.  These simple glass tools can help restore health and energy to someone suffering from a variety of physical conditions, as well as happiness, emotional harmony and mental and spiritual clarity.  Additionally, the use of the Light of Creation can bring to you manifold manifestations of blessings, including financial prosperity, greater energy, and harmonious relationships.

"We speak of regeneration of the most basic element within each individual—the Light of Creation.  As this Light returns to the lives on Earth, all things are made possible."

--Ascended Master Lantos



Quantum Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Life Force Energy, also known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings. Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy, for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results. - Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch 

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Hand-Heart Healing

The Hand-Heart-Healing modality was first developed in 2008, by Carol Baltkains for the Prayer Team Ministry. Carol trained members of the congregation that had no prior experience in energy work or prayer work with others, to become practitioners under this Healing Ministry. Healing is provided in a true spiritual form – it is never offered as a cure. Practitioners are conduits of universal energy from source channeled through our hearts and out our hands to the client for their highest and best interest. Practitioners are invested in the clarity of our channel, not the outcome.

Hand-Heart-Healing uses hand placement on the body to evoke the Chakras of the body and “The 12 Powers of Man” (By Charles Fillmore). 

Hand-Heart-Healing is a very powerful healing modality that offers healing for your Mind, Body and Soul.


Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch™ is an energy-field modality that is a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices. Webster’s Dictionary defines “modality” in the medical sense as “the application of a therapeutic agent.” In Therapeutic Touch, the ‘agent’ is the conscious intent of the practitioner to balance and modulate the energy flow through and around the body of the client. This is done by using the hands of the practitioner as a focus to facilitate the natural healing process.

Research and experience have shown that Therapeutic Touch™ is effective in eliciting a relaxation response, reducing anxiety, changing the perception of pain, facilitating the body’s natural restorative process, bringing about an improved sense of well-being, and providing comfort during distressing circumstances.

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Tong Ren

Tong Ren Therapy is an energy healing technique which has been used to treat many difficult conditions such as Cancer, MS and Parkinson's with great success. The technique comes from the larger Tam Healing System as developed by Master Tom Tam.


EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniqu

EFT is done by tapping on your own acupuncture points to remove emotional blocks within your body.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a simple yet remarkable healing system that reduces the stress that underlies much disease. It has proven itself successful in many scientific studies. It works on a variety of health issues, psychological problems, and performance issues, even those that have been resistant to other methods. It can be learned and applied rapidly, which has contributed to its popularity among millions of people. EFT Universe is the home of the vibrant, worldwide EFT community. It hosts the wealth of resources available to both experienced and new EFT users.

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