My Services

When client's first come to me for my Healing Services, many do not know what I really do. Therefore, I shall explain to You the same thing, that I would tell them.

My Healing Services are much like doing the dishes.

First, you place the dishes in warm soapy water - this is where I would scan the body using Therapeutic touch.

Then, I would use a dishcloth and lightly move what needs to be moved - Reiki is great for moving the Energy!

Sometimes, you need to use a scrubby - like Quantum Touch

Or you may need to use a little more elbow grease - BioGenesis

And sometimes, only that SOS pad will work - Intuition with Inner Guidance

No matter what modality I use, my aim is to assist in Your Healing by providing the Service, that is best for the issue at hand whether it be for Your Mind, Body or Soul.

*Please note that everyone must seek professional medical advice for personal health concerns. Alternative healing techniques are companion therapies that compliment your doctor’s advice.


Personal Celestial Emissary Messages may give client's answers that may lead to the Healing of the Mind. It is believed that many physical issues that we face, are caused by emotional issues held within the body. By allowing Mind Healing one may find that a physical ailment may heal. It is not always clear of the Being that is giving the message, but loved ones have been known to visit during these messages.

Emissary Messages are given in person or on the phone. Please contact via email if you would like to use this service. 

**Please note - I am not a psychic. I do not see past, present or future. Celestial Emissary Messages are for entertainment purposes only.

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