Things to Think About

Lets talk about the scary word ‘church’ shall we?


I found a definition on google: “Biblically speaking, church is not a building. It is not a place with stained glass windows and pews that house people who are believers for one to two days a week. It is not a place that people sing. The building on Sunday is just a building. A church is when two or more people come together to worship and learn about God.”
How lovely is that?


What I’m hearing lately is both excitement around a ‘new’ kind of church, and trepidation around ‘yet another new’ kind of church. Some are leery, others skeptical, and others quite fearful as unconscious patterns of implanted doctrine threaten ‘blasphemy’.
Strong words I know, but I really want to make a point here. 


The Beloved Community "loves how others love God", OR Goddess, OR Creator, OR Allah,  OR Yahweh, OR All That Is, OR whatever other word a persons mind needs to feel comfortable. In the end its all the same, an open devotional heart is just that; OPEN & DEVOTIONAL. Once there, the heart does not require a name for that Presence, nor is it something the mind can ever truly define to its satisfaction. The experience too, is universal or inter-faith. Agape crosses all borders and bridges all individuated expressions. Those who are interested in living this level of Love, in all areas of their lives, frequently, find the desire to share. Quite naturally; their ‘cup runneth over’ and instinctively is offered so others may come into similar resonance.


It’s all about the Love, as Miss Jenny would say. So if you already practice a faith, bring your love of God to that faith, and be the best Christian you can be, or the best Catholic you can be, or the best Muslim, or the best Jew. If you do not practice a religion but claim to be ‘just spiritual’, then be the best ‘spirit’ you can be, which includes fully accepting the paths of others’. The trick in all of it, is to release the inner resistance to any of it.


The Beloved Community is an inclusive Presence that celebrates diversity, yet recognizes that we are all the same; spiritual beings having human experiences. We weep the same, grieve the same, feel sorrow the same, celebrate the same, and love the same. Our emotion, rather than language, religion, or politics are what allow us to share this oh so human journey with both fascination and a sometimes morbid sense of humour. All a church is, is a place for those of common resonance and intention to gather, celebrate, support, worship, and serve together. 

See, there nothing to be afraid of.


All of our spiritual precepts are present, which leads me to the question; “Has religion so distanced itself from active spiritual questing that the idea of re-uniting the two feels foreign? Or frightening?”  Ah, and yet herein lies the mission! To re-unite the arms of John and Peter, (the inner journey of spirit with the outer expression of organization) unto a single body; that of the Conscious Christ. Symbolically to re-unite the split within humanity of that which feels separate and divided unto that which knows itself to be God. Hmmmm, perhaps this is closer to what is really bothering so many? Jeshua never said it would be easy; though he did hint at doing greater things than He.


The sludge of many generations requires a lot of bleach to clean it out, and a fierce determination of will to stand in the face of even great fear, and then .... to “Love it to death”.

~ Peace,
Rev. Christine

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